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Raise money for your organization, business, or cause

Here at Garage Champs we want to help you thrive in this changing economy. We’ve created an easy, zero cost and risk free partnership program to help fundraise and promote your organization, business, or cause.

If You Sell Shirts at $24 a Piece
You Can Earn $ 1000
($10 per shirt)
garage champs
Basic principles
Here’s how it works

To get started, send us a design or let our graphic designers help create one for you. From there we will create a personalized web store featuring your design and products. Your only job is to encourage friends, family and followers to support the campaign.

We will collect payment, print and package the orders, and ship them directly to your customers. Once the campaign ends we will send you a check for $10 for every item that is sold.

All with zero cost and zero risk to you.

Campaign Timeline

Create Design
Create a cool design based on your campaign’s theme or cause
Choose products
Choose up to 6 different products to sell (t-shirts, sweatshirts, tote bags, hats, etc.)
Create webstore
Once the design and products are finalized, we will have your webstore up and running in 48 hours.
Share and Promote
When the site goes live, share it with friends, family, social media and promote, promote, promote!
We print and ship
At the end of the campaign (usually 1-2 weeks) we will print, package and ship the orders direclty to your customer.
View the results and collect $10 for every item that was purchased.
garage champs
Ready to get started?
Fill out this form as best as you can and we will be in contact with you shortly!


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